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Narato Site » Video and movies Naruto » Naruto chronicles 129-130 to look online (Anime Shippuden)
9 октября 2009

[Naruto chronicles 129-130 to look online (Anime Shippuden)

Naruto chronicles 129-130 to look online (Anime Shippuden)

This time developers had time to make 2 series for a week of Storm Chronicles though without doubts I am mistaken, have made series probably for a long time already but here on the Russian have translated just now. And so, if wish can look 129 series which Penetration into Amegakure and 130 series the Latent Village of the Rain, all series with Russian postscoring is called, I hope to you these series Anime Shippuden, personally very much it were pleasant to me! Write responses as to you!!!

Look Anime Shippuden with Russian postscoring!

to Look online Naruto of the chronicle 129 series (Penetration into Amegakure)

to Look online Naruto of the chronicle 130 series (the Latent Village of the Rain)

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